Modelling Individual Decisions to Support
the European Policies Related to Agriculture

Clustering workshop of Horizon funded EU projects

Models and tools supporting agricultural policies: a Horizon update. The Clustering full-day workshop of Horizon funded EU projects was held in Brussels, 25 October 2023.


In recent years, a considerable number of R&I projects were funded under Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe providing a toolbox of data and models in support of policies related to agriculture. DG AGRI organized a workshop on 25 October 2023 in Brussels titled “Models and tools supporting agricultural policies: a Horizon update”, where finishing, ongoing, and recently started projects had the opportunity to present their achievements and ambitions.

The stated objectives of this workshop were to ensure feedback from policymakers and foster networking and collaboration. As part of the AgriModels Cluster together with the BESTMAP and AGRICORE projects, MIND STEP was presented by the project coordinator Dr. John Helming.

The focus of his presentation was on the innovations achieved in the MIND STEP toolbox of models, namely the improved representation of individual decision making in market- and sector models, as well as an overview on recent results of policy scenarios related to the reduction of greenhouse gas emission reduction from agriculture.

Dr. Helming’s presentation was a welcome teaser and invitation for the final MIND STEP stakeholder conference on the following day and an opportunity to raise the awareness for MIND STEP among the attending European Commission services, in particular DG AGRI, DG ENV, DG JRC, DG CLIMA, DG TRADE, DG INTPA, and DG SANTE. The workshop was concluded by presentations of the recently started projects BrightSpace by Dr. Marc Müller and LAMASUS by Dr. Tamás Krisztin, which both build heavily on achievements made in the MIND STEP project. All project presentations were followed by lively discussions among the participants from the different directorates, providing several entry points for further and intensified collaboration.