Modelling Individual Decisions to Support
the European Policies Related to Agriculture


Public deliverables submitted so far to the EC:
D1.1 -  Key policy questions for ex‐ante Impact Assessment of EU Agricultural and Rural Policies
D1.2 Indicator framework for measuring the impact of policies/global drivers on IDM units in agriculture
D1.3 Report on the major gaps of the existing models in terms of policy/global driver coverage
D2.1 - Summary of required data from WP 3/4/5
D2.2 - A guide/handbook to build an interface for accessing the data in the project
D2.3 - Common processing plan
D2.4 - Prototype for Interfaces for economic databases (2.4) /bio-physical databases (2.5)/large scale data (2.5)/current models (2.6)

D2.5 Final version of Interfaces for economic databases (2.4)/bio-physical databases (2.5)/large scale data(2.5)/current models  (2.6)  -submitted soon to be uploaded
D2.6 - Literature review of methods for linking economic and biophysical data bases
D2.7 Database for linking economic and bio-physical data -submitted soon to be uploaded
D2.8 Common handbook for maintenance and continuation of interfaces for economic and biophysical data handling for farm modelling at IDM unit levels -submitted soon to be uploaded
D3.1 - Report on specification of tool requirements
D4.1 Report on protocol to link the new tools to IDMs and current large scale models

D7.1 Prototype of a wrapper to allow a standardized communication channel between the model-submitted soon to be uploaded
D7.3 - List of data storage and data processing capacities required by partners WP2-6
D7.4 - Access to a computer cluster including a the appropriate management software

D7.5 - Setup of the version control system and the continuous integration tool
D7.6 - Prototype of the data services and download services
D7.7 Release of the data services and download services - submitted soon to be uploaded
D8.1 - Communication, Dissemination and Impact Strategy and Plan
D8.2 - MIND STEP Platform
D8.3 Interim report on communication, dissemination & and impact of project activities

Public deliverables can be downloaded here once approved by the EC.