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Research Lessons to Inform Future CAP Reform - BESTMAP Project Final Event

MIND STEP coordinator has been invited to the final event of the BESTMAP project, which will be held on 7 February 2024.

BESTMAP final enet: Research Lessons to Inform Future CAP Reform (7 February 2024 – Bruxelles) summary

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) plays a crucial role in aiming to transition to and maintain sustainable practices while addressing biodiversity loss and the challenges of climate change. Despite an annual spending of €12.1 billion on environmentally oriented measures, concerns persist about the ongoing decline of biodiversity in Europe and the unmet environmental goals. The main questions are why the current agri-environmental schemes cannot fulfill the necessary environmental impact and how the CAP could better help halt biodiversity loss in Europe.

To answer these questions, the use of analytical tools is critical. For this reason, results from three H2020 European research projects affiliated with the AGRIMODEL cluster (BESTMAP, AGRICORE, MINDSTEP) will be presented and discussed with a high-stakes panel of stakeholders. This discussion will include scientific evidence, facts, and figures regarding the current impact of agro-environmental policies, as well as possible policy suggestions.

The ultimate goal is to formulate a set of recommendations, which will be presented at the Forum for the Future of Agriculture in March 2024, the premier meeting place in Brussels to debate sustainable agriculture and environmental challenges, attracting diverse stakeholders, from international institutions to farmers, NGOs, and businesses.

MIND STEP coordinator will talk about the project's results and how these contribute to the support of public decision marking in agricultural, rural environmental and climate policies.