Modelling Individual Decisions to Support
the European Policies Related to Agriculture

The Future of modelling Agricultural MIND STEP Statement Paper is available now!

The overarching objective of the EU project MIND STEP was to support public decision-making in agricultural, rural, environmental, and climate policies related to agriculture, e.g. the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the EU. Particular attention was devoted to the representation of individual decision making behaviour at farm level.

Over the past four years MIND STEP has developed tools and models at different scales to do exactly this: monitor and assess policies related to agriculture and take aspect of individual decision-making into account. In describing and modelling the complexities and ever-evolving landscape of agriculture
the MIND STEP project has become a beacon of innovation and progress. Now it’s time to explore the transformative capabilities of the MIND STEP toolbox and answer the crucial question: What can we do now that we couldn’t do before?

If you are interested in reading the MIND STEP project Statement Paper, read the document following this link paper -FINAL.pdf