Modelling Individual Decisions to Support
the European Policies Related to Agriculture

Deliverable D 7.4: Access to a computer cluster

Prepared by Thünen Institute and WR Deliverable D7.4. from WP7 provides summary of the results of a survey and discussions related to the need of installing a single computer cluster for MIND STEP. 

Analytical modelling tools based on IDM units (machine learning based data mining or agent‐based models) operate at a high spatial, but also temporal resolution. The underlying data are often georeferenced and require processing solutions that run near to the actual storage. In addition, parallel computing is required when models run at the single IDM and iterative, as example, when interacting with other models. 

All mind step partners involved in modelling have confirmed to have access to a high‐performance computer framework in their institutions, which fulfil the requirements for modelling, and which enable the modelling groups to develop and test the foreseen deliverables.