Modelling Individual Decisions to Support
the European Policies Related to Agriculture

NEWS RELEASE on AGRIMODELS Cluster: Research projects join forces to enhance agricultural EU policies

A news release of the Agrimodels Cluster was published in EurekAlert! of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

European research projects team up for a common goal - to develop novel modelling capabilities in the agricultural sector and contribute to a new architecture of agricultural policies in the European Union.

The news release, further apprises about the threats posed to food and water security, carbon storage and biodiversity by the uprising issues of land-use intensification and climate change. As such, the three EU research projects have gathered to raise awareness towards those questions and are advocating for policy makers on various levels, from European to regional, to rethink and heighten the agricultural sustainability.

The project team members of AGRICORE, BESTMAP and MIND STEP are determined to lead the collaboration to a great success, providing impactful units for the agricultural sector.

Read the news release here.