Modelling Individual Decisions to Support
the European Policies Related to Agriculture


The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen has announced that the European Commission has stated that it will support and enhance the potential of rural areas through the development of a Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas.

This focus on issues such as changes in demographic, poverty risk, limited access to services and lack of connectivity, and will be performed in close consultation with both the local population and local/regional authorities.

The European Commission has initiated a public consultation on what life is like in the rural areas of Europe and map out what is key for their prosperity in order to develop a long-term vision for rural areas.

The public consultation they created, aims to contribute to this process by asking Europeans on their views on the following issues:

  1. The needs of rural areas today
  2. What makes rural areas attractive
  3. Opportunities for the future of rural areas
  4. Governance in rural areas

The questionnaire includes an optional set of questions on the Common Agricultural Policy and territorial development.

You can fill out the online questionnaire on the following link:

The feedback period ends on 30 November 2020.

Further information about the long-term vision for rural areas on the following links: