Modelling Individual Decisions to Support
the European Policies Related to Agriculture

WP5 kick-off meeting: the preparation for deliverable 5.1 has started!

On 17 February 2021 partners involved in "Work Package 5 MIND STEP model toolbox: Integration of IDM models with improved current models at various geographical scales" had their kick-off teleconference.

WP5 led by IIASA will provide a model toolbox by integrating the models focussing on the individual farmer (developed in WP3), the models focussing on interactions among farmers and within the supply chain (developed in WP4), and the economic models used at the European Commission.

The aim of the meeting was to kick-off the work in WP5 and get prepared for the delivery of 5.1 on the concept of the MIND STEP model toolbox by the end of 2021. After an overview of WP5 the 24 participants representing IIASA, WR, WU, RURALIS, JRC, INRAE, UBO and UCSC have discussed the tasks in detail, and have agreed on the roles of specific partners and action points in completing these tasks.

Bilateral follow-up meetings will take place in March to discuss and monitor progress.

Source: IIASA