Modelling Individual Decisions to Support
the European Policies Related to Agriculture

Deliverable D2.2: A guide/handbook to build an interface for accessing the data in the project required by partners WP 2-6

Prepared by Th√ľnen Institute and Wageningen Research the aim of this deliverable is to build a conceptual framework for database interfaces for relevant information in MIND STEP.

The purpose is to give a guide for interface development, which is setup such that i) it integrates data from multiple heterogeneous sources at flexible geographic and regional scales and ii) that it supports analytical reporting and allow structured and/or ad hoc queries. The approach of the deliverable is to review exiting approaches in the field of 1) harmonized databases for socio-economic micro data 2) exiting geo-reference and geo-spatial databases, like, IACS reporting and monitoring system for agricultural subsidies and remote sensing-based products as well as the AgroDataCube and 3) exiting databases and data interfaces for already established models. Based on that we propose a concept, by summarizing the requirements for the project and deriving suitable interface solution. This concept is then used to build different interfaces.

This deliverable will be accessible once approved by the European Commission.