Modelling Individual Decisions to Support
the European Policies Related to Agriculture

Deliverable D3.1: Specification of model requirements

Prepared by WR, UBO, UCSC, INRAE, THÜNEN and WU this deliverable provides an outline on how the modular approach to model integration can be realized in practice.

The MIND STEP project aims at developing a modular and extendable model structure. This requires a clear definition of criteria that the involved models and tools should fulfil in order to fit into this modular structure.

The focus is on the interaction of methods and results developed in the tasks within the MIND STEP work package 3 (WP3), titled “Development of modular and customisable suit of models focussing on the IDM farming unit” and the relation to models operating at higher organizational scales, like agent-based models that simulate the interactions of groups of individual decision making (IDM) units or market-models targeting the responses of the whole farming sector towards changing economic conditions at national level.

This deliverable will be accessible once approved by the European Commission.