Modelling Individual Decisions to Support
the European Policies Related to Agriculture

Deliverable D7.6: Prototype of the data services and download services

Prepared by IIASA this deliverable describes the initial prototype of the MIND STEP data and download services.

In order to deliver and visualize the various geo-spatial results produced by the various MIND STEP modeling teams, MIND STEP has installed a GeoServer instance, connected to a PostgreSQL database in combination with a Content Management System (CMS) for designing the web map content and a User Interface (UI) to provide data services and download services. This effort will eventually form part of the basis for interacting with stakeholders, the research community and the public. For this prototype version, published GLOBIOM results have been added to the GeoServer for demonstration purposes. A unique landing page was created with additional information as well as common web map features.
This deliverable will be followed in six months time by the Deliverable D7.7 describing the final release of the data services and download services.

This deliverable will be accessible once approved by the European Commission.