Modelling Individual Decisions to Support
the European Policies Related to Agriculture

MIND STEP project team discussed the final report on the concept of the MIND STEP model toolbox



For the MIND STEP team, 2022 started with a lively discussion on the MIND STEP toolbox concept, which took place on 14 January 2022. The meeting focused on the preparation of the report and the progress of work in the (sub-)tasks of WP5, in particular on the methodology for developing the toolbox by integrating results in the WP2 (bottom-up conceptual data framework that integrates the IDM units, sectors and farming systems at various geographical scales),  the WP3 (modular and customizable suit of models focusing on the IDM farming unit), and WP4 (models focusing on interaction between farmers and agents of the supply chain) and using resources from the SUPREMA modelling platform. The timeline for further actions and deadlines connected to the finalization of the report on the toolbox was reviewed and agreed.