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MIND STEP featured at the Tomato World Expo

MIND STEP partners talk about the project to the audience at the Tomato World Expo in Piacenza

The MIND STEP team is always happy to present our project to the world. This time, they talked about MIND STEP to the participants of the Tomato World Expo

The Tomato World Expo is a meeting of the professionals in industrial tomato production. This initiative aimed to understand the risk attitudes of tomato producers and their willingness to adopt insurance to hedge against risk. The event took place in Italy, in Piacenza, on February 17 and 18. Our partner, the researchers from Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, joined the meeting - in the picture, you can see dr. Paolo Sckokai interacting with the other participants. For more infromation, please visit this link