Modelling Individual Decisions to Support
the European Policies Related to Agriculture

Agrimodels Cluster Meeting

On 22 Febuary 2023, MIND STEP coordinator participated in a online Agrimodels Cluster Meeting

The Agrimodels Cluster online meeting on 22 February 2023 served to discuss essential items of the three projects' agendas. The first point raised was the finalization of each project; MIND STEP will be at the end of December this year, BESTMAP end of February 2024 and Agricore will finish at the end of March 2024.

Common activities, such as the participation of project partners and a joint session at the EAAE Congress in Rennes, were discussed. This Congress will happen between 29 August and 1 Spetmerb 2023. Also, all attendees to the meeting raised the issue of the organization of the final dissemination event and the possibility of jointly organizing one at the end of 2023; the location is to be defined later.

Among other topics, a paper on data availability was discussed, as well as the collaboration on modeling work, which is an issue that has to be consulted separately between each consortium. Attendees agreed on the need for a meeting in May 2023 to advance in organizing the final event.